Health Care Reform. How does the Affordable Care Act Affect Me?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010, brought many Americans to a halt in considering next steps in health insurance. There were already so many unknowns about policy limits, pre-existing conditions and individual premiums that many insurance shoppers feel paralyzed in the process. Now the Health Insurance Marketplace offers 150 new plans to individuals who qualify.


How to turn your High Deductible Health Plan into vacation cash

High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are more than insurance; they're a way to save $. These are plans for healthy people with no critical pre-existing conditions who rarely visit the doctor, but want to protect their assets from being sucked into the healthcare system in the event of an emergency.

Are they a good idea? You bet!


How is your mortgage paid if you get sick?

It’s hard enough to shell out cash for health insurance that you’d rather spend on the house or a vacation. Paying for disability and life insurance on top of that is a real stretch for the average budget. Yet without it, families are living on a dangerous precipice, ready to lose many things all at once – a loved one, a house, a standard of living that cannot be recovered.


Who Provides Insurance in Colorado?

What has changed in Colorado health coverage this year? Who can I buy from? 360º works with all the carriers in Colorado to help you navigate the maze of health insurance. Individuals and families can buy from:


Shopping Individual Insurance

First, see if you qualify for a subsidy (a tax credit, actually). Scroll towards the bottom of the page and look for the green square “Do I qualify for financial assistance” and follow the directions.

Second, shop for plans. Given the burden on the system, wait until mid-November. Let the marketplace work out the technical bugs.


Confused About Healthcare? Here's How a Broker Can Help

If you are confused about your health care options for 2014, you are not alone. It helps to have a friend in the insurance business to navigate these new waters. Jeff Carlson is a licensed broker, certified by Connect for Health Colorado, serving all the health insurance carriers in the state.


What can I do to help my Part-Time, On-Call or Contract Employees?

Several employers have asked me how they can help part-time, on-call, temporary or contract employees who don't qualify for group coverage under their plan. Unleashing them on the Colorado Health Marketplace without help does not send a collaborative company message to employees. There is a way you can provide help!


your life 360º

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Open Enrollment is Over. Now what?

The marketplace for individual enrollment is closed as of March 31, 2014. If you have a small business and need to re-evaluate your group plan. Give us a call. 360º Health & Life Insurance can help with your individual or group plan at no extra cost to you. The insurance companies pay our commission.

We also help with life insurance, medicare and critical illness coverage. We can both explain your options and help you understand whether you really need that supplemental coverage or not. Unsure? Give us a call.Read more

Enrollment Options for Small Businesses

If you have fewer than 50 employees, you are not required to provide insurance for your employees. But as an employer, you want your employees to be well and take care of their families. What options can you provide them?

If you need help navigating the Connect for Health Colorado web site for group coverage, that's why we're here. The insurance companies pay brokers like us to help you. Let's compare the plans you have chosen and determine which options work best for your team, including the option of NOT providing health care. 360º Health & Life is here to guide you through the maze of health care.Read more

How does the Affordable Care Act impact me?

The Affordable Care Act guarantees coverage for adults and children regardless of pre-existing medical conditions. It also offers assistance with healthcare costs, based on income ranges, for those who do not have the benefit of a group plan. Americans who are eligible for assistance are able to choose from a range of coverage options in the local Health insurance Marketplace, in Colorado you can access the plans through Connect for Health Colorado. Click here to read more about whether you qualify for the new tax credit and how to assess your options.Read more

Health. Life. Medicare. Critical Illness. We've got your insurance covered 360º

360º Health & Life is an insurance broker, which means we don’t represent one health insurance provider. We represent all carriers and every one of their plans...and there are a lot of them. Now that the Affordable Care Act has presented the Marketplace with 150 more plans, there's an even greater need for brokers to help consumers understand an overwhelming choice of options.

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