The bill signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010, brought many Americans to a halt in considering next steps in health insurance. There are so many unknowns about policy limits, pre-existing conditions and individual premiums that many insurance shoppers feel paralyzed in the process. Why buy insurance now with so much uncertainty?

High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are more than insurance; they're a way to save $. These are plans for healthy people with no critical pre-existing conditions who rarely visit the doctor, but want to protect their assets from being sucked into the healthcare system in the event of an emergency.

Are they a good idea? You bet!

It’s hard enough to shell out cash for health insurance that you’d rather spend on the house or a vacation. Paying for disability and life insurance on top of that is a real stretch for the average budget. Yet without it, families are living on a dangerous precipice, ready to lose many things all at once – a loved one, a house, a standard of living that cannot be recovered.

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